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My name is Rick Pinchera and I am a full service illustrator and a designer of all kinds of visual stuff. From educational media to entertainment and commercial work, I'm able to contribute a variety of design skills - illustration, storyboards, character design, graphic design and animation - to fit the needs of my clients. 

Some of my clients include Google Play, The Boston Red Sox, Gates Notes, Mozilla, Harvard, The Humane Society, WNYC’s Science Friday, Viewpoint Creative, CSpace, PRI’s The World, WGBH and Fablevision.

I am always looking for new creative collaborations, so If you think I may be able to help you on your next project, please reach out and say hello.



I've had the pleasure of working with Rick as a designer and animator on a number of high profile projects.  On "Wally's Opening Day" (Boston Red Sox) Rick expertly crafted original character designs, including one inspired by local comic legend Lenny Clarke.  (Lenny himself gave Rick glowing praise and thanks on the day of the premiere.) Recently we collaborated on a project for Gates Notes, where he delivered design and animation that's fresh, smart and on point for what the client requested.

The thing about Rick is that he delivers design with an edge and personality.  He's versatile with his style so he can shape shift for a variety of different project needs -- tailoring his work to appeal to children and/or adults.  He's reliable, dedicated, and a great communicator.  I'll be hiring him again the next chance I get.

Take The Cake Productions

Rick is our go to illustrator for much of Viewpoint’s 2D animation work. He’s probably helped us with twenty different projects over the past three years. Our clients are very particular when it comes to accurately representing target audiences with character design, so Rick’s skill of applying nuances to his illustrations has been essential to our success. He’s extremely talented and fast, which is huge for us, as we are typically up against very tight deadlines. Many times, at the last minute, we need an additional character pose or gesture to make the scene work and Rick bangs these out fast and without issue. As a creative director, I really appreciate the professional manner in which he approaches his work. It definitely makes my life easier. 

Creative Director

Rick is not only an extremely talented designer and illustrator with tons of experience, he's a flexible problem solver and someone I've trusted as a true creative partner - from white-boarding all the way to the finished product. Plus he's fun to work with; lots of good ideas, and no ego.

Mighty Picnic